Student Emergency Fund

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Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund provides short-term financial assistance to help cover essential expenses for Wayne State students facing temporary hardship due to an unexpected situation. The fund may cover expenses for emergency housing assistance, emergency medical care, urgent rent or utility assistance, emergency transportation related to a family death or illness, temporary support costs in a dangerous situation, and more.

The funds are awarded to students in increments between $50 and $1,500, based on need and availability of funding. Thank you for choosing to support this fund so we can offer more students more assistance. 

Types of expenses that may be covered:

  • Replacement of essential personal belongings due fire, flood, theft, or natural disaster;
  • Emergency or temporary housing assistance
  • Medications costs related to emergency medical care (not covered by insurance)
  • Assistance with rent or utilities due to an emergency situation
  • Emergency transportation
  • Temporary support costs for a student in a dangerous situation due to threats or acts of violence
  • Other school related expenses.