Make Your Date Detroit

Make a gift to support mothers-to-be and prenatal care in the city of Detroit. 
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Make Your Date Detroit

The Wayne State University School of Medicine is raising funds to support Make Your Date Detroit, a free program to help pregnant women ensure a safe delivery. Mothers-to-be can take advantage of this powerful and free nonprofit program, offered through the City of Detroit, for assistance in delivering healthy full-term babies on or after their due date.

In Detroit, 1 in 6 babies are born premature. Research shows that coordinated prenatal care and targeted interventions, when necessary, can radically reduce the risks. Make Your Date Detroit not only works with physicians to ensure all patients are offered appropriate tests or treatments, but also with insurers and public health leaders to ensure all women in Detroit have easy access to prenatal care and coverage. With the support of the Mayor’s Office, major medical institutions, universities, foundations and insurance companies, Make Your Date Detroit has built a caring and supportive team dedicated to turning the tide against dangerous preterm births.

Make Your Date Detroit works to inspire neighbors, businesses, media, and community activists to help reduce preterm births and infant mortality in Detroit. Every gift made to Make Your Date Detroit supports a community of caring and a brighter future for Detroit.

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