Warrior Relief & Response

Make a gift to one of our immediate relief funds today. 

We've topped $100,000!

August 03, 2020

Wow! Our Warrior community has stepped up and raised over $100,000 for this campaign! Thank you to all who have made a donation or shared the page with their network. With these funds, we've been able to provide support for areas of need for students impacted by COVID-19. 


Thanks to nearly 500 donors!

May 01, 2020

We're thankful for the generosity of our Warrior community-- 480 donors have contributed to a number of student emergency and hardship funds. Thank you!


In April, we have seen a significant increase in inquiries and applications to our Student Emergency Fund. Gifts help ensure as many needs are fulfilled as possible. We continue to promote these funds because they provide financial support to a wide scope of students, even those who are ineligible for CARES Act funding. 


For university updates relating to COVID-19, click here

Thank you!

April 03, 2020

Thanks to your gift, we have already raised more than $38,000 for hardship assistance for our students. These funds will assist students with immediate needs related to the current pandemic- housing, food, technology to continue online coursework and other support as needed.


We are so appreciative of your generous support of our Wayne State community and are inspired by the immediate response to our call for assistance.


On behalf of Wayne State, thank you!

“I was nervous to visit the food pantry at first, but I heard other students talking about how they utilized it so I decided to go. The options for food was great, but the way the students made me feel was even better. They assisted me with getting my items and even told me ways I could prepare the items. I am really grateful that The W was there and I decided to go because I needed it.” – Anonymous WSU Student


For university updates relating to COVID-19, click here